CHCW Podcast – Tara Campbell & Emma Briant

EXCITED: Our convos w/ Dr. Emma Briant (Lecturer at the University of Sheffield) & Tara Campbell (Fiction Editor at Barrelhouse Magazine) are airing April 3, 2017!


CHCW Guest – Douglas A. Cohn

EXCITED! Captain Douglas A. Cohn (ret.) will be visiting us on May 27, 2017!  His television work includes the Military Channel, CNBC & A&E’s Biography Channel.  Douglas Cohn is also the Writer/Owner of: Washington Merry-Go-Round, America’s longest running syndicated column, founded by Drew Pearson in 1932.

In addition to his twice-weekly syndicated newspaper columns, he is the author of Jackson’s Valley Campaign with Maps from the West Point Atlas of the Civil War and Congress, Cliffs & Common Sense.  Watch his 2016 appearance on Fox News here:  #CHCWGuest #CHCWritersCHCWriters.jpeg